Jobs system: how it works

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Jobs system: how it works

Post by Yonekura Iwase on Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:32 am


Jobs are a way to gain experience and rank up. They have   certain difficulty rankings, and you can only go on jobs of you rank or below. Novice jobs are simple things, finding something that got lost, collecting rare herbs, or getting rid of weak bandits. Nothing dangerous, and a very low chance of getting killed or even seriously injured. Beware, jobs get harder and harder the higher rank they are. Note: if you want to go on a job of a higher rank than you, you must go on that job with someone of that rank or higher. You cannot go on jobs higher ranking than you without someone of that rank.

How to do a job:

step 1: look at the jobs board and find a job that suits your interests.
step 2: apply for the job on the sign up for jobs thread, using the template provided.
step 3: start a topic for the job in the required location
step 4: follow the instructions provided in the job description to complete the mission.
step 5: once you have met the requirements, post in the finishing thread using the template provided
step 6: wait for your job to be graded. once it has been graded you will gain a certain amount of experience and gold.
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