Welcome to the kingdom!

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Welcome to the kingdom!

Post by Matthew Tronic on Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:59 pm

Hello! I am the king of the Mountain Kingdom, Matthew Tronic!
Welcome to the Mountain Kingdom... If you could call it that. Heh... It's more like 3 small towns spread across the mountain range we have the capitol, Tharion which was built by my father and is home to the higher ups of the kingdom and the wealthy folk. We would expand the town if not for the surrounding mountains restricting us from doing so. So! In order to counter this! I have built two more towns Zatten, and Carathin. These two towns will be for anyone wishing to live amoungst the mountains.

Carathin will be based more on the economy, being a hub for trading in the mountainous regions.

Zatten is more for residential living. Zatten is placed nicley along a valley to optimize a good living experience! Also! A good spot for brave adventurers, we have a central recruiting station if you would like something done!

Both towns do have basic stores and housing! The only difference is what you plan to do with life!

All species are welcome if they feel like they are in danger in their current kingdom due to the constant war that threatens us. The Mountain Kingdom is a place to come for peace, any acts of violence including harrasment, and destruction of property will be dealt with by court officials! And is punishable with prison time!

We have a mountain side prison, low security but it'll be a bit tough to escape saying it's dug into a mountain!

Thank you for choosing the Mountain Kingdom, and I hope you enjoy a life of serenity and peace!
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