Lucifer Von blood-stone

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Lucifer Von blood-stone

Post by Lordshadow37 on Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:46 am

Basic Information

Name: Lucifer Von blood-stone
Age: 21
Gender: male
Sexuality: likes females
Race: was human but is now a demon
Rank: grand master

Appearance Information

Appearance: 6.4 feet tall and has a slim build with his pale white skin.
      Eye Color:  red
      Hair Color: Brown
      Skin Color: white skinned

Personality Information

Personality: he's a dedicated person who is not easily persuaded. He is nice to those  around him but when alone here curse there very existence. He's a hot headed man who is full of himself but with in his capabilities. Will do anything for girls and every thing else he'll be slow on when getting it done. He has trust issues and lies for his insecurity. He lets his intuition guide him when he can't judge the surrounding problems. He's an understanding person who will be kind and graceful to those he thinks deserves it. He sometimes places his trust in random people hoping they will return the favour but he has a hard time trusting enemys even after they have swapped sides. He judges based on appearance half of the time only to guess  the strength of whom he's looking at. He finds public events exhausting he also doesn't like them but he will attend them. He believes in the groups priorities comes first before the needs of one person. If he can he would waste a day sitting in the dark being lazy. he'll almost go to all lengths to get a job done or to complete a mission.
      Dislikes:Spiders (eight legs creep him out), retards (has delt with lots of them and doesn't have patience for it any more), reading ( doesn't have enough patience)
       Fears: Holy items, free falling from large heights, losing loved ones
       Likes: darkness, weapons, cats
       Motivations: next of his kin and its survival, to find love, power
       Strengths: understands all languages, really strong fiscally despite being skinny, smart and a natural strategist.
       Weaknesses: holy items, when wings are out they sensitive to touch, tormented past

History:He was born prince to the throne of the blood-stone family. He was born he had an unknown birth mark on his chest that for told great power but also means that he will suffer from a tragedy in his life  and so it came. When he reached 16 years of age he was assassinated by a rival family. When the did so they used a knife dipped in goat blood which prevented a heavenly resurrection but only a demonic resurrection could bring him back and a demon made a deal with him it resurrected him but he also must become a demon and if any one found out other than another demon the would be killed. One day while he was sleeping his black demonic wings sprouted from his back and both his mother and father at than moment walked in his room. Later in the same day when his parents found out his eyes turned red and he lost control and black out when he awoke he was holding a katana coated in blood and in front of him was his parents severed heads and the words "we warned you" written in blood. His kingdom in the human world collapsed due to war and pelage making him flee to the demon realm and take up his rule there but still as a prince because he's not married.

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Re: Lucifer Von blood-stone

Post by Matthew Tronic on Tue Oct 11, 2016 12:58 pm

Lol k ish coo
Matthew Tronic

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