Yonekura Iwase

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Yonekura Iwase

Post by Yonekura Iwase on Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:44 pm

Basic Information

Name: Yonekura Iwase
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: homosexual
Race: Human
Rank: Grand Master

Appearance Information


Yonekura is slimly built and of a fairly average height. His eyes are blue, his hair is white, and his skin is ivory. He has freckles on his round face, and always wears long robes that nearly touch the floor. He has scars all over his torso and back from his many adventures.

     Eye Color: Pale blue
     Hair Color: white
     Skin Color: ivory

Personality Information

Personality: Yonekura is the perfect servant. He always obeys the king's orders to perfection. Through all the danger and excitement that the king has endured, Yonekura was right beside him, always doing his best as a servant. Yonekura does what is asked of him by his king. Yonekura shows little emotion in public, though when alone with his king or with children or such he is always kind and caring, a gentle person. If anybody touches the king, however, he will not hesitate to put them down. Nobody touches the king in the presence of Yonekura.

Anyone who dares touch the king will more like than not find themselves trapped and killed before they could scream. Yonekura is very possessive of his king, he loves the king far too much. He has been in love with the king since they were both still mere boys, exploring the world together. Nothing could ever separate him from the king lest said thing wanted to die. Yonekura will always fight his way back to the king's side, no matter who or what gets in his way. Yonekura is the most loyal person you will ever meet. It also never occurs to this young man to give up. It simply isn't in his nature
-bitter foods
-the demons
-losing the king
-being told he wasn't wanted anymore by the king
-the destruction of his country
-The king
-His kingdom
-protecting the king
-protecting his kingdom
-eradicating the demons
-following orders
-politics, the king has to have someone who can advise him after all
-assassination techniques
-will always save the king first
- would sacrifice his very life every single time even if there was a better way
It all started when he was very young, a boy of 12 or so. he had just been orphaned, and had been forced to sleep in the streets and kill for a living when the king found him. His family took Yonekura on as a servant out of pity. But the king never treated Yonekura like a servant, only like a friend. For the he earned the permanant respect and loyalty of Yonekura. So when the other boy wanted adventure Yonekura did not hesitate to follow his master. He merely gave him a look before shrugging and agreeing. They sailed the world in a small boat together, never once looking back. They had many adventures, slayed many monsters, before finally arriving in the undiscovered land that would become their kingdom.

Many adventures were to be had there, many of them resulting in Yonekura sacrificing himself in the place of his king. As a result Yonekura became the closest and most trusted with the king. He continued to sacrifice his own body for his king, resulting in several ugly scars. His life was always dedicated to serving this man, who he was deeply in love with. He became obsessed with the king's safety, always shadowing him. He rarely slept or ate for fear his king would be killed if he took a break. Eventually the king told him enough, and so Yonekura has been giving him a bit more space.
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Re: Yonekura Iwase

Post by Akiyama Hisagi on Sun Oct 09, 2016 8:10 pm

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