The Red Dragons Soul

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The Red Dragons Soul

Post by Lordshadow37 on Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:15 pm

Name: The Red Dagons soul
Rank: artifact

strength:in gauntlet for doubles power every 10 seconds. In armor mode allows the whom is wearing it to fly with its wings and the wings retract plus the wearer is a lot stronger and in this mode you can manually bost your power. In both gauntlet and armor mode the user releases all stored energy and power in to a tiny orb and launched it in the detection that the user punches it in the orb with max charge on impact has enough power to decimate a mountain. The final form is the dragon form you completely give in to the dragon(who is living in side you) this allows the user infinte power and is practically unstoppable. In dragon for the user can use the dragon cannon witch is a blast from a gem on the dragons chest that requires a small time to charge and its power can not be measured.  
Weaknesses: it has a very slow start up. It requires a lot of training and if the user over boosts to much it taxes them out leaving them exhausted and weak. In the dragon form you have no control and it can kill you but if it doesn't than you take years of your life span. If the wearer gets hit or hits something the stored power dissipates and the user must restart the boosting process. If the dragons soul is extracted the the user dies and the soul find a new host.bound to your soul.

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