Novice Mission: Phoenix Down

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Novice Mission: Phoenix Down

Post by Yonekura Iwase on Fri Oct 07, 2016 10:27 pm

Mission description:  a real phoenix lives on Phoenixdown island. Your mission is to seek it out and steal some of the treasure it has hidden in its home on top of the mountain on Phoenixdown island.

Mission Rank: novice

Mission enemies:
Weak: fire wall. A wall of flames that appears before you, blocking your path. You have to extinguish the flames or find a way to go over because they move to block you from going around
Strong: the Phoenix. It will attack you, dealing Average rank damage once per turn. Takes 3 hits to kill.
Extra Requirements: minimum 10 posts of 200 words each.

Job rewards: 50 exp, 5000 gold
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