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This site is a new fantasy site based off of an original storyline by the creator.

It all started with a young boy and his hired servant. The young boy wanted adventure, wanted more from life than the simple things he already had. And so he set off, taking only his servant and a small boat large enough for about 10 people, with 4 cabins and a limited supply of food and water. they sailed all over the place, sometimes fortunate,sometimes not, but always having fun. Slowly their fortunes accumulated. They grew richer and eventually began building a small home of their own in an unclaimed land. As their fortunes grew, so too did their tiny community until it became a small kingdom. that kingdom grew larger and more prosperous, until it was the strongest kingdom out there, with the boy who had once been a middle class child as it's king, and the faithful servant who had stayed with him the whole time as his main advisor. Now the kingdom has flourished, and people with strange powers roam the kingdom, protecting it's people. They are known as The fallen, for they look like angels, though when they take their true form they look to be half angel and half demon. They are like fallen angels, and therefore were named The Fallen. The powers of these warriors who protect the land are not entirely known, but what is known that they have saved the kingdom many times and will do it again.

There are three other kingdoms in this world. One is home to demons. One to humans. And one to angels. The four great kingdoms are at war with each other. Humans and the great kingdom founded by the boy and his servant are allies, and the angels and demons are fighting both each other and both human countries. Will the great human kingdoms prevail? Or will they crumble to dust?

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