Akiyama Hisagi

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Akiyama Hisagi

Post by Akiyama Hisagi on Fri Oct 07, 2016 7:53 pm

Basic Information

Name: Akiyama Hisagi
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Race: Born as a Fallen but others see him as a Human
Rank: Grand Master

Appearance Information

Appearance: Akiyama is a handsome 6' man, that has long beautiful purple hair that is normally always has tied up in a long ponytail. But there are times where he lets it just hair blow in the wind like a purple mist. Akiyama wears a long sleeved white shirt that goes all the way down to his ankles with a short sleeve blue shirt on under it. As for his pants they are baggy an blue with a pair of straw sandals on his feet. Akiyama has gold eyes that shine beautifully along with his pair of large golden ring earrings.
      Eye Color: Gold
      Hair Color: Purple
      Skin Color: Light Skin

Personality Information

Personality: Akiyama is a very caring person, he would do anything and everything he could to protect everyone within the kingdom. If anyone dared to harm anyone within his kingdom or in front of him their wouldn't anyone who could stop his godly like wrath of him striking the person down where they stud. But that's just because he cares so very much for everyone, if the man/woman was to stop before the action is complete or he/she was to get down on there knee an beg him for forgiveness. Akiyama would most likely forgive them with easy, if he was to ever catch them again they would not get off so easily this time because it would be a chose of being coming a slave to the kingdom or death. Most pick the slave part and he teaches them to keep track of everyone health in the kingdom at all times and to report to him daily so he knows who is okay an who is sick.

Akiyama loves his servants because unlike those who had became slaves to the kingdom they are here own their own free will. He does favor this one servant that he fell in love with at first site long ago. But he could never bright it up to the servant that he loved him do to the fact that Akiyama knew that if they were to be wed the servant would become a prime target of his/the kingdom's enemies. The loss of his favorite servant would pretty much break his very soul and send him on an unstoppable rampage while in his fallen state which even the gods them self's would have a hard time stopping him. Also the fact of being together with that servant is that they couldn't have kids do to them both being male. That is one of the two reasons Akiyama takes in all abandoned children an cares for them as his own. They all mostly end up joining his royal guard witch keeps the whole kingdom safe from anything and everything.

Akiyama extremely hates war between his kingdom and any other kingdom or group of people because all its ever causes is countless loss of innocent lives. Lucky for him once he joined the battlefield in the hopes the enemy would just give up on the site of him. Akiyama is knew though out all the lands that he bares to be the strongest hand to hand combat fighter. Those he does have Fallen powers that no one knows about not even his favorite servant because he doesn't want anyone to treat him any different then any other normal human king. The thing he fears most is that once his secret is out about being a Fallen that others would think Akiyama earned his title as king by beating the best for it. When he got it from coming to this land and building the whole village back hand with the ones that had came over to this place with him.
-Those who would bring harm to anyone in his kingdom
-Non spicy food
-Loss of his favorite servant
-Fall of his kingdom
-Favorite servant
-Heat from spicy food
-Being the king
-Protection of the Kingdom
-Keeping the secret of being a Fallen
-Ruling over a kingdom
-Physical Strength
-Kind Heart
-Can be to forgiving at times
-Unable to harm an innocent being
-Abandoned Child

Akiyama had grown up as a normal spoiled little brat kid that was in a fairly wealthy family, they could really be called rich but they got by good. But lucky he was blessed with a very kind and caring heart witch is why people liked him more then most people. Akiyama had always longed for something fun in his life, do to all the stories his father had told to him at his bedside. Little did he know that those stories would have really get to him and grown the dream of going on an epic adventure with Akiyama has the mighty hero. He had taken off in the middle of the night on his twelfth birthday, Akiyama was very brave to young boy to go off on his own at such a young age.

Akiyama had spent the next year of his life getting used to living on his own, he was living within a forest an was doing what he could to try to get some money to live on. Once again the boy had got a stroke of lucky by running into a man that was a treasure hunter. Akiyama had begged the man for two days for the man to take him on his next treasure hunt. The man had finally said yes because he had saw a lot of himself with Akiyama's eyes that were full of hope an wonders. They had spent the next year and a half going hunting with this man that he called "D." Witch was the only thing the man wanted him to call him for some odd reason. The man had train both Akiyama mind and body to be ready for anything an everything that could happen on treasure hunts. Such as hidden traps, secret doors, puzzles of all kinds, and the amount of physical drain it has on their bodies. Because they would have to climb mountains, swim, rock climbing, diving, and running for long periods of time.

Akiyama loved to treasure hunt so very much that he once ask the man if he could pick out where they would hunt next. The man agreed an so they had to go deep within an unknown forest to get his weird looking stone. The stone was said to be that of a small star that had fallen from the sky a very long time ago. Akiyama really wanted to see such a thing with his own eyes but something that would change his life forever that day. It was deep within a cave that was with a dome shaped mountain, both Akiyama and the man had an odd feeling about the place like there was something or someone else in their with them. So they kept their guard up while moving slowly. They had sent at lest three days within the caves of the mountain dodging all the traps they had found and looking though the few secret tunnels they had came across. Then finally some luck in a way there was a trap that wasn't really a trap. It was made to look like a very deep hole when it was only about a five foot drop that had lead to a secret tunnel. This was different from the rest cause it had non-lite touches all over the walls. It was almost like a stair case that felt like it went on forever but once at the bottom of it there was a bright light from where magma was flowing from within one of the caves of the mountain. Right next to the magma was a small pole that had a star shaped stone on top of it.

Akiyama and the man were so happy that they had finally found what they were looking for. As the man had went to get it the magma had began to move on its own. Either of them had ever seen anything like this before so they were both stunned with fear an unknowing. This creature had appeared out of the magma and smashed the man with its flaming rock like fist without any kind of warning. The sudden death of the man that was like that of a father and very close friend caused something with in him to snap. Which sent Akiyama into a berserker like state while also changing his body, his right arm lights up in a bright flame that looks like it made of angel feathers while oh his left side a large black wing of feathers like that of a demon. Akiyama and the creature had fought for hours but as he was starting to look site in his left  eye he had saw some red glowing crack in the air. He reaches for it with his hand that is cased in flames. He had pulled out a sword witch has a massive blade on it that is engulfed in flames and wings it with full force with easily crashed the creature into pieces.

After that day, Akiyama had never been the same but he did know that he should never show anyone what he had turned into all those he was born with this ability. The fact that someone would fear him in that state and would never be able to enjoy his life to the fullest. Lucky for Akiyama he was about to suppress it with just his will power for the time being. So he spends most of his time training his body and will to keep that side of him at bay. When it comes to fighting so that he doesn't have to relay on that power because he is honestly scared of it him, he became that of a brawler by fighting with his bare fists. Akiyama trained his body so much that his skin became that of steel and that he can clash his bare fist with swords. So that he can fight armed people with nothing but his fists.
Akiyama Hisagi

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Re: Akiyama Hisagi

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