The Whistling Claw Weapon

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The Whistling Claw Weapon

Post by Matthew Tronic on Wed Oct 05, 2016 1:57 pm

Name: The Whistling Claw
Rank: Artifact
Matthew's Left hand weapon.
A steel long sword with holes fitted into the blade so when swung will make a high pitch whistling sound. When the long swords makes a sudden stop, the sword shrieks leaving a blade of sound ripping any soft tissue that comes into contact with it. The sound blade only lasts for a split second, acting fast but makes a clean cut, like a warm knife through butter.
Strengths: Produces a extremley high tone which when reached can cut through softish objects (skin,flesh etc. and cracks bone).
Weaknesses: solid objects breaks the sound blade ruining the effect of it. The sword is extremley dull so that the holes can make their whistling noise, so in order to cut with the actual blade would not be clean and would require a lot of strength.
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